My Problem With IB

I’m only a week into school and I already have tons to complain about. Thank you, education system.

During the holidays, I kind of forgot how stressed school makes me. Some background information: I’m currently in the 11th grade and I’m doing IB, which is this program that messes with your head. You have to do 6 subjects plus activities and this bunch of other stuff because all this pretty much defines what university you’ll be able to go to. I wonder who came up with the idea to let teenagers decide their entire future at the age of 16. I mean, I can’t even decide what to eat for breakfast. How the hell am I supposed to know what I want to do for the next 40 years?

Problem #2: teachers act like they’re doing you a favour by giving you the amount of homework that you’re getting. They aren’t. In one class, five pages of work may seem like a decent amount but if you get that same amount of work for each class, you add up to 30 pages of homework a day. On top of that, there are extracurricular activities which, in IB, you have to do to pass the course. So, no, teachers – you aren’t doing me a favour by giving me three tests next week instead of four.

If you’re doing IB, it’s likely that the bane of your existence is the *claps of thunder* extended essayDUN DUN DUN. If you’re not familiar with this, run. Run and hide. Never escape your cave. Learn how to survive in the wild.

Still here? You might want to see a psychologist because you are insane. Anyway, the extended essay is a hellish 4000 word essay that you have to write on a topic of your choice. It doesn’t sound that bad, but it is. After months of research, you pick an extremely specific research question which you can somehow write 4000 words on. Not to mention, it’s very competitive. You see, you need a supervisor for your essay and there are only so many supervisors for each subject. So this means that you have to:

a) Suck up to a teacher so that they accept your proposal.

b) Actually put effort into the extended essay before you even start writing it.

I can’t begin to explain how much stress I’m under about the essay because I don’t have a topic yet and I have about a week to find three. This should be fun.

Anyway, this was part 1. There are so many more problems I have with school but I can write a part 2 (maybe). I’m very non-committal so don’t hold me to it.


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